Dear business partners,

business is one of the oldest human activities. Just like any other, it requires not only appropriate education and know-how, but perhaps more than others, certain dances and love for this profession that are often born. Business has to connect people and create added value for them. This is the creed of our company that specializes in the trade of goods for and from the chemical, plastics, painting, pharmaceutical, paper and glass industries.

Our team of professionals offers more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing, trade and distribution management in chemistry and plastics, where we have not only a wealth of experience in Central European countries. This knowledge and contacts experience also allows us to carry out consultancy activities both in the above mentioned fields and in the area of ​​relevant legislation. Consistency of experience and knowledge predetermines us to offer our partners and customers value, such as responsibility, reliability and reliability.

We will be happy to check our offer through our cooperation.

Ing. Roman Karlubík, MBA
managing director