ISTROADIT is a trademark for a whole range of additive concentrates used in plastics processing.

ISTROADIT concentrates are dispersions of selected organic and inorganic additives. They are used to improve the properties of products, extend their life, or to eliminate some technological problems in production.

LDPE is most often used as a carrier.

For customers we offer:

  • UV stabilizers (HALS or mixed)
  • SLIP (sliding agents)
  • DESSICANT (moisture absorber)
  • ANTIBLOK (antiblocking agents)
  • ANTISTATIC (antistatic agents)
  • PROCESSING AID (process reagents)
  • LASER (for laser marking of plastic products)


The recommended basic dosage of ISTROADIT concentrate is 1% - 5% by weight, and is significantly dependent on the desired effect of the additive.

It is advisable to use an automatic gravimetric dosing device to add the concentrate. If it is not available, a homogeneous mixture of ISTROADIT concentrate with the processed plastic must be prepared and this mixture fed into the hopper of the production equipment.

Applications: - according to production technology

ISTROADIT concentrates can be used for practically all common plastic technologies:

  • Blow molding of foils (construction, agricultural, packaging), including very thin foils
  • Injection molding of common plastic products
  • Injection molding of large and complex products
  • Extrusion of pipes and profiles
  • Blow molding of products - packaging
  • Materials for plastic coating of metal products

Applications: - depending on the polymer being processed

ISTROADIT concentrates are intended mainly for use in PP and PE products.

For application to other types of plastics, we recommend testing the use of the selected concentrate, for which we will be happy to provide you with the necessary samples.

Thermal stability:

Selected types of additives are used for ISTROADIT concentrates, with sufficient thermal stability for common technological procedures.

Health safety

The suitability of using specific ISTROADIT concentrates in plastics that come into contact with food is stated in the relevant material sheets.

In general, we do not use substances that are on the SVHC list in any recipe.

Quality of ISTROADIT concentrates:

ISTROADIT concentrates are produced in the highest quality and each production batch is subjected to output control according to catalog methods. With each delivery, a quality certificate with the following parameters is provided on request:

  • Volatile matter content (moisture)
  • Granule size

Labeling and delivery of ISTROADIT concentrates:

The following scheme applies to the labeling of color concentrates:



- ISTROADIT is a trade name
- AAA - represents the used polymer carrier - for LDPE it is PEB - standard version
- BBBB - letters or numbers for the designation of the additive - each introduced additive is assigned only one designation
- CC - indicates the approximate content of the additive in the concentrate

The above scheme is used when ordering material and is also shown on each bag with the delivered material to ensure its identifiable.

ISTROADIT concentrates are in the form of granules, free of fine dust, and are supplied in plastic bags as standard. For larger orders, it is possible to agree on other packaging.