Are you tired of the gray world? Try to color it!

Take advantage of the wide range of colors of nature from our production!
Welcome to our website, where we want to provide you with basic information about our products:

  • KODILEN color concentrates (masterbatches)
  • KODILEN white concentrates (masterbatches)
  • KODILEN black concentrates (masterbatchas)
  • Concentrates of additives ISTROADIT

We hope that this information will be an inspiration for you in your decision-making in the field of dyeing your products.
We are looking forward to cooperating.

Best regards

Ing. Roman Karlubík, MBA
Company owner (manager)

ABOUT US - History of the company

The production of color concentrates in our company began in 1976, when we became the dominant supplier of concentrates for dyeing PP fibers, produced in CHZJD and Istrochem a.s. Bratislava.

After the decline in fiber production, we began to focus more on the production of color and special concentrates for the plastics sector, in order to use our many years of experience and contacts with leading European suppliers of raw materials for this production.

Since 2012, we have become a part of the company CHEMOX HOLDING, s.r.o., and we have fully devoted ourselves to the production of products that satisfy the requirements of our customers in the field of plastics processing.